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  • Convulvulus

    Two pictures to show the extent of the problem here. Is my soil fertile? Yes, just look at the size of these convulvulus roots. The second photo shows how much is brought up by just one push with the digging fork. And yes, I did dig this area last year and also removed every last bit of convulvulus root.

    Would appreciate any advice (not involving Roundup etc) on how to deal with this. Because I remove every root the convulvulus infestation during the growing season is not bad, but it seems I can never get rid of it just by digging the roots out.

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    Wish I could help, there is only a tiny bit in one patch by a fence here, it's spread a bit but so far it hasn't taken a hold. I had a bit of this patch covered by weed fabric stuff, which although didn't kill the stuff, (I suspect it would need to be covered for a couple of years to really put pay to it) it did weaken it and made it very much easier to remove and as the soil had been well mulched it was nicely friable and easier to get at.


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      I have no idea, sorry! There's some in the shade of the fence by my raised beds but it doesn't seem to be doing very well and it's not spreading. I just pull it up when I see it and the thought occurs to me.

      I made the mistake of digging a bed at the other side of the garden when we first moved in. Of course I had no idea what the white roots were and ignored them. That summer my flowers were quickly swamped by a mass of the smaller kind of bindweed. Oops. I haven't bothered trying to clear it so it's now full of grass and gets mown every week. That isn't spreading much either.


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        I really dread the day when I can't dig like I can now, because the roots will be taking over. It may be a ph thing too. They are not such a problem on slightly acid soils, but there might be marestails. You can't get rid of that one either, but at least it doesn't strangle your plants.