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  • Forum sticky?

    It's really slow going trying to get about the forum today, not sure if it's my connection/computer or the site?
    Other sites seem to be loading ok but I can hear a bit of whirring going on with the 'pute' which is likely an update downloading.

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    I had a bit of the same earlier, all sorted now. I had this site and google directions open (planning another bike tour) and the yellow man was going very slowly. But all seems fine now.


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      Having a hard time today, but I think it might be a flooded exchange or something like this. Our internet is often very badly affected when we have torrential rain.


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        Still up and down here, I think it's more internet speed than the site some of the time. Has the rain been very bad with you, we've been lucky and missed any the last couple of days.


        • Galina
          Galina commented
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          The rain was heavy, but the local exchange is prone to it unfortunately. In many ways our services are extensions to extensions as we are so far out of town. Before they refitted our cables, we had electricity failures several times a week. That has been rectified, but the phone lines are not quite up to scratch yet. Anyway today all is well and the site loads fast.

        • jayb
          jayb commented
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          Yes it seems much quicker today here as well.
          They replaced much of the electric overhead cables in our area during the summer as it was all old and starting to fall apart. I think we were off for a week while they did the work. They must have found another faulty bit as they planned powercut/workday this week. It's quite alarming when they send the helicopters in to check the lines as they hover very low over the house and garden, it's so loud - sends the dog potty and upsets all the stock on the common and hills.